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Tips on how to treat his wife well

Tips on how to treat his wife well

Some tips below how to treat his wife well, for marriage is increasingly intimate.

1. As known female character who always wanted to get more attention, wanting to always be praised, do give it the attention and praise when the wife's actions deserve to be praised.
2. If you do criticism, give criticism with a soft tone, for her tender heart is.
3. The attitude of respect and honor to give back to our benefit.
4. If someday your love to the wife with a love that is, try to remember the bad things that he has, for the love you do not become a crazy love. because of excessive love for something can make your eyes closed for the 'outside world'
5. If at any time hatred appear on your wife, try to remember your wife's good side, by remembering the good side of your wife will make you hate can be neutralized.
6. However his wife is a torch when our hearts are dark, the presence of a wife is required to give support to us.
7. Consider this: women can be gentle when we are honest and loving him, but he could be a tiger if we are betrayed.

What about you? hopefully still get along alone, amen

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